Vets Golf Club AGM 2nd December 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated our lives this year. It has stopped international and national travel. It has changed the ways we gather socially. It has raised our awareness of healthy habits for fear of contamination. And it has prevented us meeting as a whole club for presentations. But it did not stop our golf for more than a few weeks.

Captain Ian has ensured Vets Golf continued throughout this pandemic, providing us all with safe ways of playing our games. His care and attention to detail has enabled us to keep the ball rolling when, at times, there may have been nothing to do on Wednesdays!      His single mindedness and willing availability is worthy of our gratitude.Thanks Ian, and may your new shoulders bear no more burdens than those of our captaincy.

And you as members have maintained your commitment to the games. Vets is a very strong and resilient institution of the Tuross Country Club and community. Even more so as we enter a new era in helping the Far South Coast Vets Golf Association (FSCVGA) move forward under the leadership of Herb Muriwai. While there have been few opportunities for FSCVGA games, there is strong desire amongst Tuross Head players for its continuation.
Congratulations and good luck to Herb and his team.

The Vets Club commitment to its sport and social life is further evidenced by members’ contributions to Mr Meany, even without apparent cause or faulty play. However it may turn out to be a way players have ridden themselves of guilt for their poor shots and bad
behaviour. If so, you are forgiven!

Your Committee has fulfilled its meagre obligations this year. I have wondered myself about our usefulness under the Covid-19 circumstances. However Treasurer Henry Anderson has faithfully managed the accounts, and the December/January Christmas holiday Ranger and Reception rosters were carried out. Clearly Committee tasks will return to normal as restrictions ease.

It is with deep sadness we acknowledged the deaths of Kaye McLeod, and Dennis and Lyn Benger. Senior Vets Tim Starr and Noel Fletcher are sorely missed as they have moved away to supported accommodation. I understand we will soon lose the company of Stephen and Cathy Crossling who are to move to the Southern Highlands. Thanks for your company!

I thank you all for your commitment under trying circumstances. I thank the outgoing Committee for its work, and acknowledge Ian Miller particularly as our Captain. And I hope for reconciliation of the THCC Board membership which had given us so much promise for the future.

I move the acceptance of this 2019-2020 Report.
Ian Manton

P.S.  Ian says “Just a few of the many reasons for curbing climate change”.