Veteran golf captain, Ian Miller advises “As alluded to in earlier emails, arrangements are being put in place to return our Vets golf to normal operations from the first game in 2021. As part of this please find attached a program of events for 2021”.

From January we will return to our 8.30am shotgun starts and play a wider range of golfing events than we have been doing. For the newer members of Vets, and certainly for those players joining us post March, all players register to play between 7.45 and 8.15am, and are assigned playing partners and starting holes from which to tee off as part of the registration process. Annette Manton has kindly offered to continue the hole assignment role. Please note the importance of registering before 8.15am as the Starters require ample time to count and record details of monies collected before themselves having to make their way to their assigned tee for an 8.30am tee off.

With the resumption of regular arrangements there comes a slight sting in the tail! With two starters at the table and with raffle ticket sales resuming, we will be reverting to our standard game cost of $12 per player ($10 was charged during COVID arrangements for simplicity and contact reduction purposes only). That $12 automatically buys you one raffle ticket – additional tickets may be purchased at $1 per ticket.

From the first game in January we will again be playing for Nearest The Pin (NTP) prizes on the 4th, 6th and 7th holes as before, as well as for the Accuracy drive on the 5th. Players will be asked to take out and bring back NTP and Accuracy markers as in the past.

No decision has been made at this time on resuming tea and coffee post game as there remain some contact issues to be addressed. Further news on this over coming weeks. We will however hold our post game presentations downstairs with the opportunity to catch up with others, perhaps hear a joke or two, and without doubt be subjected to Mr Meany fines. Our raffle draws will also resume during presentations.

Whilst all this is god news I hear you say, please bear in mind our ongoing responsibility to maintain some social distancing and other safety practices whilst in each other’s company.

I will be separately writing to our volunteer starters with a roster and updated starter instructions for the coming year.

Ian Miller