Tuross Head golfers found that after finishing their Saturday par event competition, and venturing into the clubhouse, all fired up to boast of their scores and best golf shots of the day, they were forced  to take a back seat when they were confronted by a large group of fishing visitors.

Dressed in blue Calwell Gran C3 club colours, loudly debating who had caught the biggest and the most fish, and with arms stretched wide to better illustrate the size, the members from this Canberra fishing club, were in town and the golfers talk of bogies and the occasional par was off little interest.

But it is always great to see people enjoying themselves and we soon found out that Terry White, speaking on behalf of the club said his merry band of 20 members had just return from a day out on the ocean abord the Narooma Nitro charter boat and had enjoyed a great day with good catches and had made Tuross their base for their three day excursion.

They had rented four homes in Monash Street  for the weekend, the Tuross Head Country Club was their survival centre for much needed food and refreshments.

Terry said on the start of their return trip to Canberra “We had a great time, a lot of fun, great fishing and we enjoyed the fellowship and the way we were welcomed at the club.”

“We will be back next year and will be joined by the Canberra Rose Cottage Fishing Club members in a  fishing competition that will make the recent USA elections look like a dainty tea party and it will all happen at Tuross.”

“We enjoyed ourselves and we liked it there. Thank you Tuross Head.”

Photo: Some of the Calwell group on the way out for a days sport.