We drew the raffle on Friday  1st  October and the winners were: 

1st Prize – Chris Roxby ( 942)

2nd Prize  – Kath Smith ( 872)

3rd Prize  – Craig Smith (160)

4th Prize  – Col West (528)

5th Prize  – Ray Brown ( 123)

6th Prize  – Stephen Hodge (670)

7th Prize  – Ray Downey ( 355)

8th Prize  – Kath Smith (875)

We wish to thank all the Tuross  community and  Tuross  businesses who supported us so generously  with this raffle. 

We were so disappointed when our play was postponed at Pottsville, but we have just been informed that the 2021 pennant finals will be played at Foster Tuncurry in  March 2022. The fundraising will really help support our trip to Forster to start  on March 21st, 2022.  


Margaret  Downey (Publicity )

Tuross Head Country Club Women’s Bowling Club