The monthly medal stroke format of golf has been reinstated at Tuross Head. This popular monthly and annual medal competition was played by club golfers this week and despite extreme windy conditions the format was a welcome return to some degree of normality.

Played over three grades the winner of A division was John Phyland with a score of 66 nett strokes. Ken Brown was a close second with 67 strokes and Paul Scholze third with 70.

Frank Pomfret was the best of the B grade division with 68 strokes, Wayne Fullerton scored 71 strokes followed by Peter Hogan with 72.

Derek Hoare won C division with 69 ahead of Greg Ware 72 and Paul Israel with 76 strokes. Nearest the pins were won by Rodger Chappel on the 4th hole with a close 1.35 m.John Phyland won the 6th hole with 8.20 m and Steve Walker the 7th with 5.80 m.

Best net score John Phyland with 66. Lowest off the stick Colin Houghton with 74. 

Thursday’s medley stableford competition was won by Graham Moore with 41 strokes ahead of Desmon Jackson and Joel Hilliard who both scored 38 points. Neil Mather and David Schmid had cards of 38 points.

Notes from our roving reporter in the clubhouse noted Ken Brown shot his age again. Well done Ken.

Rex Kermode came all the way from Tathra to force some very serious golfers to abandon golf and seek refuge from the gale force winds at the bar. The ploy worked because three hours later the bar was still standing but only because they were still propping it up.

President of the Board, Rodger Chappell while not condoning such action said that in the interests of club unity he would fully support such selfless acts. It is not often that members would abandon very good rounds of golf to protect the bar. Rodger is also inquiring about whether they could in fact be nominated for some sort of Nobel Prize.

Golf Vice President Dave Schmid admits that his game is at the moment “ A work in progress “.  He states that his chakras are not aligned and that as a result he has way too much Ying and not enough Yang It has been suggested that the members crowd fund him so that he could seek professional help.
The total to date is a surprising $4.85. So you see Dave.  We Do Love You.