24 ladies played in a stroke event with 4 contenders playing off for the Gold Medal, while still adhering to strict Covid conditions. 

The winner of the Gold Medal for 2021 is Dorothy Madden.

The Runner Up in A Grade was Gail Page (31) with a net score of 73 points.

B Grade winner was Jeanette Miller (39) with a net score of 77 points. The Runner Up was Marilyn Bingham (40) with 78 points.  

C Grade was won by Jennifer Gray (42) with a net score of 81 and 2nd place went to Samantha Dryden (41) with 83 points.

Balls went to Pauline Nash, Leonie Snodgrass, Annette Manton, Teri Swanbury, Elsa Shearer, Shirley Quinlan, Gail Rogers, Leonie Doolan, Margaret Downey and Kerrie Sands.

Special thank you to Gayle MacAlpine for sponsoring today’s event.

There will be no Ladies Golf next week as the greens are being cored.