These new restrictions  are now in place:

If you are unwell in any way you are not permitted to participate in any form of golf.

Social Distancing to be obeyed at all times.

2 persons per Golf Cart  allowed.

Entry via Golf Magic is operating at the club house

No touching or removing the flagstick, the holes have a pool

noodle placed in them to stop the ball going to the bottom of the hole.

A temporary rule is in place which reads “If the ball goes

in the hole and bounces off the pool noodle it is to be classed as being holed”.

No swapping of score cards, each player is to mark their own

card and score their playing partner.

Verify each other’s score at the completion of the round.

Only the player’s signature is required on the card.

No shaking hands (or high fiving) during or after your round.

Obey social distancing guidelines.

Golfers  please place your card directly into the

score card boxes located in the clubhouse.

There will be no rakes in the bunkers.

Bunkers will be preferred lies.

You are asked to try and tidy the bunker with your shoe or club.

There will be no NTPs

 Phone 4473 8186