Stan Peck, at the fine age of 84, is the 2018 Tuross Head Men’s Bowling Club Champion after a gripping Major Singles Final against John Monks.

This was a wonderful game with incredible swings in momentum. However, while the advantage fluctuated throughout the 40 ends played, the one constant was the very high standard of play from both players.

Peck held the advantage in the early ends – Monks didn’t score his first shot until the 6th end! This made the score 6 – 1 and was the beginning of a period where the players shared the ends. Monks gradually narrowed the gap and by the 15th end the scores were locked at 11 all.

Monks then had a period of domination – on the scoreboard at least! He won 10 of the next 14 ends with some outstanding play. He needed to play some excellent bowls to counter Peck’s good play. He did this and set up what looked like a matching winning 27 – 15 lead after 29 ends.

Those spectators who left at this stage missed out on some very special play! While the standard of play from both players continued at a high level the momentum swung In Peck’s favour. He played several memorable bowls as he grabbed the advantage. On the 30th end and again on the 35th end he played beautifully weighted shots to move Monks’ closest bowl to give him three shots. In the context of the game these shots were crucial as there were only five scores of 3 in the 40 ends!

Despite his best efforts Monks could not turn the momentum. He played several wonderful bowls to limit the ‘damage’ but he was only able to win one of the last eleven ends! Peck had control and he was able to keep the pressure on with very few stray bowls. Peck grabbed victory on the 40th end winning 31 – 28!!

It was fitting Championship final that started in dull, grey conditions and finished in bright sunshine. Congratulations to both players who played extremely well. It is the second time Peck has been crowned Club Champion and is a wonderful achievement in his 85th year. Monks was a valiant runner up. He should be pleased with his effort especially after a recent bout of ill health.