Both Tuross Pennant sides recorded wins in the fourth round of the 2018 competition. It was the first win for the Grade 5 side and ensured the Grade 7 side maintained their place on top of their table.

The Grade 5 side played Moruya at home and where able to record a close win on the back of a great performance from John Fahey’s team. Fahey, Peter Macdonald, Allan Etheredge and Jim Macklan had a dream start racing to a 17 – 0 lead after 7 ends. While the Moruya side fought back they could not claw back the big deficit. Fahey ended up winning 28 – 13.

Noel Downie’s side had a close battle on their rink. After an even start Moruya pulled away before Downie fought back to go down 20 -17. The close margin was extremely important in the overall result of the clash.

Joel Hilliard had another great game but his efforts could not stop his side losing their rink. The scores were locked at 11 all after 14 ends but the Moruya side managed to dominate the last 7 ends to grab the game 21 – 12.

Tuross won the clash overall 57 shots to 54. Moruya salvaged some points winning two of the three rinks. The final score was 8 – 2 to Tuross.

The Grade 7 side travelled to Tomakin with all 3 teams recording victories to give the side a 10 – 0 win. Each team performed well and even though the matches were keenly contested, the Tuross sides held the upper hand throughout.

Ronnie Richardson’s four combined very well and were never headed as they recorded a 20 – 12 victory. Jim Madden’s team had a very even battle for the first half of their game before they won five ends in a row to take control. They won 18 – 12. Ian Wratten’s side had their game well in hand before dropping 8 shots over the last three ends. They still managed to win 19 – 16.

Overall Tuross won 57 shots to 40.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the Grade 7 performance is that the side contains several new players – including three relative newcomers to the sport. Des Jackson and Colin Fletcher are in their first year of playing bowls while Michael Atkinson is in his second year. Another newcomer, Ray Brown, is proving to be a very handy transfer from Sydney. All four of these players are playing a key role in the success of the side.