When Rob Green, a golf professional of considerable experience, approached the Club offering to operate out of Tuross, Andrew Gordon took up the cause.

Having decided that the Men’s Shed meeting room was the ideal place for a pro shop, he and Roger Chappell started negotiations with the Shed.  Many meetings and phone calls later an arrangement was reached.  The Men’s Shed would relinquish the meeting room in exchange for exclusive access to the remaining area under the roof.

To make this possible windows needed to be moved, new doors installed and a wall moved to make the old storeroom into a habitable meeting space. The  Men’s Golf paid for the materials and a group of volunteers from the golfers provided the labour and the expertise. Peter Nikolic, Dave Schmid and Nigel Barling coordinated the tasks and did much of the work.  They picked up a very acceptable glass sliding door form a local renovation job and relocated the existing windows.  Peter Johnson built the new stud wall making the meeting room about 400mm larger and Peter Hogan did the electrical work.  Warren Hodder helped out with painting and plastering.

Everyone who visits the new Pro Shop will be impressed by the first class amenity created for just over $1000.  Rob Green has fitted out the interior and is in the process of stocking the shop.

Rob plans to open the shop in the next couple of weeks.  As well as lessons, Rob aims to sell clothing, clubs, shoes and golfing supplies.  He is very happy that under the arrangement at Tuross he will have more time to spend with individuals fitting and selecting items to suit their needs.  He also will offer repairs for those who need them.

Rob can be contacted at: Phone 0423 097 642 or  email: [email protected]

PGA Pro Shop operator Rob Green with Andrew Gordon, Nigel Barling, David Schmid and Peter Nikolic.

Men’s golf president Andrew Gordon and Peter Nikolic.

David Schmid and Nigel Barling.

Article and photos: Courtesy Lance Shadbolt.