Fellow Members
In the information the Board provided on 4 May  we indicated the importance of members renewing their annual memberships and continuing to support the THCC through the COVID 19 response and into the future.

To provide just a little context for this years renewal. The club is a key resource for the community. Can you imagine the bushfire impact on the region without the club stepping up.

Similarly, arriving in Tuross and seeing the club and it’s facilities provides a “wow” factor which cannot be measured – there is no way we want the initial impression to be “what the heck happened” if we cannot sustain the club.

This is unashamedly emotional but possible.

The opportunity for members to make a positive contribution is now here, and we encourage members to renew for the 20/ 21 membership year and make a one-off donation to help the club.

A copy of the membership renewal notice is attached to this information, we will also be writing to members individually. Alternatively, if you wish, you can visit the clubs’ website, populate the form on-line, or print it off and return it to the club for processing and payment.

The fee for this renewal year are unchanged from the fees members paid for the 19/20 membership year.

There is one difference regarding the social membership fee. The minimum fee is $15.00, in addition the club would like you  to donate to support the club through this difficult financial period caused by COVID 19. In the box provided for social membership if you only wish to pay the minimum, indicate S 15.00. If however, you would like to support the club by donating an addition amount then indicate how much you would like to pay, including the basic minimum fee. For example, if you could pay $65.00 that indicates a minimum fee ($, 15.00) and a donation of $50.00.

The significance of this is that if every member  donates at least an extra $50.00 then the Board believes the club will be able to offset the significant financial losses we have suffered to date and be in a solid financial  position to resume normal trading when the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.

We thank you all for your on going support and look forward to seeing you when we can all enjoy the splendid facilities of the club again.

THCC Board

May 20 2020

To access membership renewal application forms.

Click on: https://mailchi.mp/35e533697825/timeout-tuross-12443322?e=890d9c0bb9