The May Goblet Competition
The Goblet species was Snapper but the weather was against us with rain, winds and heavy seas. The measure in was held at the Club Tuross in quite pleasant conditions.
The Results
The Goblet was not awarded
Mens Outside was not awarded
Ladies Outside was not awarded
Ladies Rock and beach was not awarded
Mens Lake and Estuary
Bruce Kennedy with Bream 35.5 cm and 100pts
Ladies Lake and Estuary
Rachel Westbury with a Bream at 35.1 cm and 90 pts
Mens Rock and Beach
Scott Westbury with a Salmon 46 cm and 70pts.
This was Christopher Westbury with a Bream at 34 cm and 90pts
Mystery Fish
By random generator the mystery fish was #15 which equated to a Salmon closest to 39 cm. This awarded to Scott Westbury for his 37.5 cm Salmon.
Measure-in also coincided with Mothers Day and it was decided that the luncheon would be nice Tiger Prawns with various accompaniments. All the mothers were also honoured with glasses of Champagne.
It was a very pleasant Measure-In
The June Goblet will be help over June 11, 12 and 13 and the Goblet Species is Bream.