March 2019

Goblet Tailor


March is the month we fish for Tailor, 11 anglers took to the waters comprising of 5 ladies, 5 men and one junior. The weather was fine over the weekend and fishing was good with 51 fish caught.


Mystery fish number 18 produced Sergeant Baker 57.3cm.


Goblet: Tailor            David Backhouse                    37.9 cm           56.33 points


Outside                          Matthew Roberts         Sergeant Baker           48.0 cm 100 points

Lake and Estuary      David Backhouse         Flathead                      81.3 cm 100.78 points

Rock & Beach              N/A


Outside                          Pam Alexander             Flathead                      47 cm 65.00 points

Lake and Estuary      Rachel Weatherby       Bream                          37 cm 78.00 points

Rock & Beach              N/A

JUNIOR                        William Newman         Flathead                      88 cm 111.25 points

Mystery Fish              Matthew Roberts         Sergeant Baker           48 cm 100 points


Turkey……Richard Pierce bought a $7.00 pack of prawns and went fishing, came home dirty and smelly so threw his clothes straight into wash, and then into the dryer, later realized that his $300 pair of sunglasses were in with the clothes and were smashed.



Mike Byron

Comp Sec