Marcel Kors is the 2021 Minor Singles Champion. In a very anticipated final he proved too strong for the sentimental favourite, the soon to be 89 years old Lou Kozlik. The players were relieved that the conditions for the final were perfect following the cold, windy weather they experienced for the semi-finals.

An excellent crowd of bowling club members was on hand to watch the match. Kors had an excellent start while Kozlik was a little off his game. Kors was able to dominate the heads in the early ends and by the 9th end he led 17 – 2. He extended his dominance to lead 26 – 5 after 18 ends. Kozlik then made Kors really fight for the final 5 shots he needed for victory. The players shared the next 8 ends before Kors was able to claim a 31 – 10 victory.

It was a great result for Kors who has been knocking on the door to win this title over the last three years – he was runner up in 2019 and a semi-finalist in 2020. He has proven to be a very strong singles player with his ability to consistently play excellent draw bowls. He is very calm and deliberate in his play and thoroughly deserves the win.

Kozlik had the chance for a fairy-tale finish but it was not to be. A couple of years ago increasing problems with his shoulders looked to have ended his bowling career. However with tutelage from Stan Peck, Kozlik started to bowl with a ‘bowling -arm’. He has mastered the ‘arm’ and is now bowling better than he has ever done. Unfortunately, he could not get into ‘the zone’ in the final but he received plenty of accolades from those present for making the final.

The resounding round of applause both players received at the completion of the final indicated how much respect the crowd had for their efforts. Well done to both players.