With the end of the Pennant Season attention has now turned to Club Championships. The first round of the Major Singles has started with the highlights being good wins to new members and some epic struggles.

Three new club members had wins including two players who were playing their first matches in this format of the game! Des Jackson demonstrated his growing ability in the sport with a very close win over Jim Madden. The scores were close throughout with Jackson’s ability to consistently play draw bowls the difference. The players were never more than 5 shots apart and the lead changed several times. Jackson looked home when he went to a 29 – 25 lead. Madden picked up three shots to get within a shot but Jackson was able to hold steady to win 31 – 28.

Col Fletcher, another newcomer to the sport, had an easier day as found his opponent, Andrew Farrington, right off his game. Nevertheless, Fletcher showed he was aware of the tactics of the singles format in recording a 31 – 8 victory.

The other new club member to win was Peter Wood. Though new to Tuross Wood is no newcomer to the sport and he showed this in a convincing win over Lou Kozlik. Wood had the game in his grasp when he led 28 – 6 but, to Kozlik’s credit, he really made Wood fight for the final 3 shots. Kozlik won six of the next 9 ends before Wood won 31 – 17.

Julian Penny and Peter Bird took 43 ends of very interesting bowls before a winner was decided. Bird dominated the early part of the game and looked in control when he led 21 – 9. Penny then slowly turned the game around. He won 13 of the next 14 ends to grab the lead 26 – 22. Bird then steadied to narrow the gap and he seemed to have the momentum when he moved to a 30 – 29 advantage. Penny then played two wonderful bowls to close out a 31 – 30 win on the 43rd end!

Ron Cox and Ian Wratten played a game that featured swinging fortunes. Cox dominated early racing to a 17 – 4 lead before Wratten took over to grab a 19 – 17 advantage! It was then Cox’s turn and he moved to a 24 – 19 lead before the two traded the ends before Cox managed to prevail 31 – 25.

Alan McLeod had to hold off a determined finish from Alf Winch before winning their clash 31 – 25. Mcleod had the upper hand for much of the game and looked home at 28 – 19. Winch made him struggle for the last 3 shots winning 5 of the next 8 ends.

John Fahey and Peter Macdonald had a great battle in their clash. The scores fluctuated throughout. After 23 ends they were locked at 17 all before Fahey gradually asserted himself on the game. It took him another 14 ends to record a hard fought 31 – 24 win.

Ben Hewison once again showed his great natural ability in one of his rare appearances on the green – restricted by his work and family commitments. He dominated the earlier ends of his game with Joe Cremona setting up a strong 21 – 6 lead. Cremona showed his usual grit as he tried hard to get back into the match but Hewison was too consistent and ended up winning 31 – 21.