Defending Champions, Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard showed ominous signs of their intent with a commanding performance in the quarter finals of the 2020 Major Pairs Championship. They were challenged in the early ends by Lou Kozlik and Stan Peck with the scores locked at 8 all after 8 ends. The Champions then motored ahead winning all but two of the remaining ends. When they agreed to finish before the full 21 ends Davies and Hilliard were ahead 36 – 14.

The 2019 runners up, Noel Downie and John Monks, were as equally as impressive when they built on a great start to dominant Brian Currie and Alan Skelton. Downie and Monks scored 12 shots in the first 3 ends and they were ahead 19 – 3 after 10 ends. Currie and Skelton could not reproduce the form they showed in their first round victory. The final score was 33 – 6.

The other two quarter finals were much tighter affairs. Alan McLeod and Col Fletcher managed to hang in to record somewhat of an upset victory over Jim Macklan and Bruce Lidbury. McLeod and Fletcher started well and set up a 8 – 2 advantage after 7 ends before Macklan and Lidbury fought back. They struck back to hit the lead, for what turned out to be the only time in the match, at 9 – 8 after 10 ends. McLeod and Fletcher then won the next two ends by 4 shots each to quickly retake the lead. The remainder of the game was a very tight affair with Macklan and Lidbury chiselling away at the deficit. With one end to play they trailed by just one shot at 20 -19. They then seemed to hold the advantage on the last end and looked like they would snatch a come from behind victory. However, with the last bowl of the game, Fletcher coolly drew the shot to claim a 21 – 19 win and a place in the semi-finals. They will play Davies and Hilliard.

The final game between Michael Challice and Marcel Kors and Peter Macdonald and Ray Downey was a game of two halves that ended up needing an extra end to determine a winner. Macdonald and Downey had the better of the first half of the game and had a good lead at 17 – 8 after 11 ends. At this point the momentum changed. Challice and Kors gradually closed the gap. With Kors, in particular, playing some critical bowls they levelled the score at 19 all with just two ends to play. The sides then shared the last two ends each scoring one shot to see the scores locked at 20 all. Another end was required! Neither side was able to dominate the end and Kors had the opportunity to snatch victory with his last bowl. Unfortunately for him his bowl ran agonisingly just through the head meaning Macdonald and Downey won 21 – 20 and booked a place in the final four where they will play Downie and Monks.