The finalists for the Tuross Head 2021 Major Pairs Championship have been determined. The competitors in the semi-finals were relieved when they played in perfect conditions. The weather was mild and calm – a big difference to the previous week – while the green was in great condition.

Starting as hot favourites, John Fahey and Joel Hilliard, were forced to dig deep to get the better of Lou Kozlik and Mick Atkinson. It looked like being an easy afternoon for Fahey and Hilliard when they raced to a 15 – 3 lead thanks to scoring 7 shots and then 5 shots on consecutive ends. However, Kozlik – a tender 88 years old! – and Atkinson had other ideas. They fought back strongly and by the 15th end had narrowed the score to 19 – 15.

Unfortunately for Kozlik and Atkinson they conceded another 6 shots on the 16th end to make their task very difficult. They did manage to pick up 5 shots themselves on the 20th end but they still trailed by 28 -20 and they conceded the match.

In the other semi-final, 2021 Singles Champion, Peter Macdonald continued his great form with another master class in draw bowling as he and Ray Downey had a convincing win in their game with Alan McLeod and Col Fletcher.

Right from the first end Macdonald was able to dominate the head with his control of his weight and ‘grass’. In a incredible start to the game Macdonald and Downey had set up a match winning lead when they led 19 – 4 after just 8 ends. To their credit McLeod and Fletcher started to win their share of ends – in fact they were able to win 6 of the next 10 ends – but they were unable to score the shots needed to make inroads into the deficit.

By the 18th end Macdonald and Downey led 28 – 10 and McLeod and Fletcher accepted it was highly unlikely that they could bridge the gap. Macdonald and Downey will be playing in their first Major Pairs Final when they play Fahey and Hilliard who are both former Champions! It will be another challenge!