Peter Davies and Joel Hilliard have won the Club’s Major Pairs following a good win over Noel Downie and John Monks in a very competitive final. The two best sides in the competition played a very fitting final. The closeness of the contest was evident as both teams were quickly into top form. Some fine bowls from all four players saw the score locked at 9 all after 9 ends. Davies and Hilliard edged ahead over the next few ends with the really critical play coming in the 12th end. Down 13 – 9 and behind on this end Monks played a calculated on shot but, to his dismay, after making contact with the jack he saw it rebound off a bowl and bounce forward a couple of metres. As a result he went down 4 shots and the deficit was doubled!

Davies and Hilliard consolidated this advantage to 19 – 9 after 13 ends. Downie and Monks continued to play well but the defensive play from Davies and Hilliard was such that they were able to restrict the number of shots they lost to a minimum. In this stage of the game Davies, in particular, showed his experience. The final score was 23 – 15 to Davies and Hilliard and they proved to worthy winners of the title. Far from disgraced, Downie and Monks were a little unlucky but they showed that they are very competitive at all levels.

The Pennant season for both Tuross sides came to a disappointing end at the District playoffs. The grade 5 side played Milton Ulladulla at Moruya needing to win to progress to the Zone Final. From the start this was a very interesting contest. Each Club had one of their three teams dominating their matches and the third game was very close. Ulladulla held the upper hand on the ‘main board’ for much of the game and the final score of 60 – 52 was due to a big finish from Tuross. Joel Hilliard’s team continued their tremendous form and had a 31 – 12 win. John Fahey’s team was competitive early but found their opponents too good in the second half of the game. They lost 30 – 8. John Monks’ team had a tighter tussle but always found themselves on the wrong side of the score line. They ended up losing 18 – 13.

The Grade 7 side travelled to St Georges Basin to play Callala RSL. This was a very evenly matched contest with the result up in the air to the last few ends. Tuross held the advantage on the ‘master board’ for most of the match. It wasn’t until the last two ends of the 63 end contest that Callala RSL grabbed the lead. They managed to finish the stronger to win 59 shots to 54.

Allan Etheredge’s team had a very good 17 – 12 win on their rink. Etheredge, in particular, played some outstanding bowls to lead by example. Ray Downey’s side had a very close battle before going down 21 – 17 and Ronnie Richardson’s side had two bad ends in their 26 – 20 loss. The closeness of the game is shown in that Callala won 32 of the 63 ends compared to Tuross’s 31!!