The final of the 2021 Triples Championship was played on Saturday July 3rd in ideal conditions. Col Fletcher, Des Jackson and Marcel Kors played Peter Macdonald, John Fahey and Joel Hilliard after both had very tight wins in their semi-finals. Macdonald, Fahey and Hilliard started as strong favourites but the start of the game did not go their way! On the very first end they dropped 5 shots and when they lost the second to be down 6 – 0 it seemed anything could happen.

However, from that point Hilliard’s side quickly found their form and dominated the game. Player of the match, Peter Macdonald, once again demonstrated why he is the current Club Singles Champion with a master class in lead bowling. On most ends he was able to control the head with excellent bowls that really put pressure on his opponents. Kors more often than not found that he had to ‘chase’ shots in an effort to win an end. To his credit he was able to this on a number of occasions but not enough to turn the match.

With the pressure created by Macdonald, Fahey was able to build on the head while Hilliard had the opportunity, and confidence, to play his trade mark aggressive bowls. When Fletcher or Kors were able to grab the advantage Hilliard had the chance to counter with controlled draw shots or well played ‘weighted’ shots. In the finish Macdonald, Fahey and Hilliard had a very convincing 38 – 13 win.

It continued a great year for the winners. Macdonald won the Major Singles and was runner up in the Major Pairs. Fahey and Hilliard now add the Triples Title to their win in the Major Pairs. Congratulations to all three – they combined extremely well in this event and proved too strong!

Despite the score line, Jackson, Fletcher and Kors all had their moments in this game but found the task beyond them on the day. All three have been regular finalists over recent seasons across a range of events showing they are knocking on the door!