The June Goblet Weekend

With nearly seventy millimetres of rain during the week leading up to the weekend and more rain predicted, fishing was looking fairly grim. However, the weekend was actually good overall. It was also the Queens Birthday Long weekend.

Although there were tourists and visitors around, the numbers were lower than normally expected.

In the Goblet itself, there were seventy fish entered that were caught by eleven fishers. Of that number, two were ladies, two were juniors and seven were men.

Due to an on water incident there was indecision about if the correct number of Mens Outside category fish were entered, so, awarding that prize was postponed until clarification. Clarification was received and these published results stand.

Mens Outside

David Backhouse with a Morwong 55.1 cm and 130.4 points. This fish is also a new club record by one millimetre.

Ladies Outside

Rachel Weatherby gained this category with a Flathead at 56.5 cm and 103.44 points

Mens Lake and Estuary

Simon Ipoliti took this with a Bream of 36.3 cm and 105.37 points. This was also the Goblet fish and a dual win for Simon.

Ladies Lake and Estuary

This was not awarded

Mens Rock and Beach

Bruce Kennedy with a Tailor at 51 cm and 114 points

Ladies Rock and Beach

This was not awarded.


New member Baxter Clarke won this with a Flathead at 46.7 cm and 39.15 points.

Mystery Fish

Drawn by Random Generator this was #11 which equated to Morwong closest to 44 cm, this was awarded to Mathew Roberts for his 43cm Mowie and gave him 82 points

Turkey of the month was held over as the only nomination was not at the meeting due to the above mentioned on-water incident which was not as serious as first feared.

It was a good Goblet weekend after all and the Measure-in was well attended, especially by the increasing number of Junior members.

The next Goblet is on July 9, 10, 11, 2021 and the Targeted Species is Salmon.


to all the winners and thanks to all those that attended the measure-in.