July 2019 Monthly ‘Goblet’ Fishing Competition was held over the weekend just gone. Each month a species of fish is selected to be the target species. In July the target species was Salmon

Five anglers took to the waters and caught fish. Others went fishing but had little luck. One angler told me there was plenty of small bait fish around and he observed several bust ups but had no bites. The successful anglers comprised of one lady, and three men and a junior. It was a glorious sunny and virtually windless weekend. A total of thirty one fish were caught and presented for the ‘measure-in.

Each month we use a random generator to select a Mystery Fish and a size. This month it was number two which produced Blackfish with a size of 40.5 cm. Should several anglers catch the months mystery then the closest to the stated size wins. No anglers caught a Blackfish so the prize jackpots.


Goblet: Salmon Rachel Weatherby 65.5 cm 101 points

Winners are grinners, well maybe not Robbo

Outside David Backhouse Sgt Baker 51.0 cm 107.5 points

Lake and Estuary N/A

Rock & Beach N/A

Outside N/A

Lake and Estuary Rachel Weatherby Mullet 31.5 cm 36.66 points

Rock & Beach Rachel Weatherby Salmon 65.5 cm 101 points


William Newman Salmon 49 cm 68 points

Mystery Fish N/A

Turkey of the month
Matthew Roberts for catching a face-full of squid ink – he also caught a fine half fish.

Mike Byron
Comp Sec