In this event each player is given a ‘handicap’ by the club selectors in an effort to create an ‘even playing field” – bit of a pun for lawn bowlers!! Pairings are then drawn randomly with one player with a high handicap matched with another with a low handicap.

Four games in the Championship have been played. Interestingly, in three of these games the handicaps for the teams involved were the same so they started off on the same score.

In the one game where the handicaps were quite different Peter Macdonald and Patrick Sager played Jim Macklan and Noel Downie. In this match Macklan and Downie had to give their opponents a seven shots start!

Alan McLeod watches as Michael Kennedy measures

The challenge quickly became greater as Macdonald and Sager started well and by the half way mark they had established a 15 – 6 lead. Macklan and Downie then hit their straps and over the next six ends they picked up sixteen shots to take the lead by 22 – 15. They ended up winning 26 – 17 to cap a great come back!

Alan McLeod puts another bowl down as Michael Kennedy watches on

Alan McLeod and John Monks played Michael Kennedy and John Fahey in what looked a very even match up. However, Monks showed that he is continuing his good form with another great display. McLeod and Monks led from the start and held off a challenge in the middle part of the game to win 23 – 11.

Julian Penny and Stuart Graham dominated their game with Joe Cremona and Ron Cox. They had a great start with both players contributing to their success. They were never headed to win 22 – 10.

Stuart Graham prepares to bowl

The final game was a much tighter battle with the result not decided until the final couple of ends. Stan Peck and Peter Bird started well against Ray Downey and David Boon but the game soon became a real arm wrestle.

The scores were equal on four occasions in the first 12 ends and at the 12th end the score was 13 all. Downey and Boon then had a couple of good ends to move to a 20 – 14 lead only to see Peck and Bird fight back to 20 – 19 with three ends to play.

Downey and Boon held their nerve to win the last three ends and grab a hard fought 25 – 19 win.