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December 2019

Goblet Flathead

Many brave souls risked the drive from Canberra to compete in our Goblet comp and be a part of our Christmas festivities, unfortunately the fire that’s been threatening for weeks closed the Kings Highway again on Sunday afternoon leaving some stranded.

There were 64 fish presented by 10 anglers, 6 men and 4 ladies.

The draw for the mystery fish resulted in number 23, a Trevally closest to 50 cm and was not awarded.


Goblet Flathead    David Greenhalgh                                            57.2 cm 105.63 points


Outside                      Bruce Kennedy           Morwong                     55 cm 130 points

Equal to the club record

Lake and Estuary  John Suthern              Flathead                      71 cm 92.65 points

Rock & Beach           N/A


Outside                      Carol Kenney              Snapper                      66.5 cm 151.55 points

Equal to the club record

Lake and Estuary  Vickie Ballard              Flathead                      44.5 cm 45.22 points

Rock & Beach           N/A

Mystery Fish              N/A


Carol Kenney, washing the brag mat and dropping it overboard.


Mike Byron

Comp Sec