The final event of the 2017 Championship season, the Consistency Singles, has started with three first round matches completed. This is a different format of bowls with the aim trying to get as many bowls as close as possible to the jack that remains in the same position during an end.

As this is a Club event, social members are invited to play. Two social members have played with mixed success. Dave Carter played Peter Macdonald and Lawrie Riley played Ray Downey.

Carter had a slow start and quickly found himself struggling to bridge the gap. In this game where 10 points are allocated for each end, any slip up is very costly. Macdonald was playing very well and every time Carter seemed likely to bridge the gap he was able to play a crucial bowl to keep the advantage. In the end Macdonald won 150 to 120.

Peter Macdonald after a commanding performance in the Consistency Singles

Riley had more success in his game with Downey. The early ends were very close with both players scoring well. After 15 ends Riley led 80 – 70 – not a great margin in this type of game. However, from this stage he slowly drew ahead. He scored the majority of points over the next seven ends to set up a match winning margin of 132 – 88.

Downey did try to claw back the difference but he had left his run too late. Riley won 150 – 110.

Alan McLeod also paid the price for having a slow start in his match with John Monks. Monks dominated the first eight ends and raced to a 61 – 19 lead making it very hard for McLeod. Though McLeod applied some pressure, Monks’ advantage was too large. In the end Monks won 158 – 92.

John Monks continued his great recent form with a first up win in the Consistency Singles

Play in this event will continue in two weeks. On November 4 Tuross sides will be playing in the District Parliamentary Shield in Moruya.