The Consistency Singles Championship, the first championship event for 2022, has been decided following the playing of the semi-finals last Saturday and the final on Tuesday.

Both semi-finals were entertaining games. One of these games had our most experienced bowler – John Monks – up against one of our newer players – Jonathan Green. Green has been in great form in singles events already finishing as runner up in the Lightning Singles. Very little separated the two players in the early ends of this match. After ten ends Green had a slender 51 – 49 lead. He was able to extend this lead and by the 18th end he had a good lead at 99 – 81

Monks gradually narrowed the gap from this point. After 24 ends the gap was just 8 with Green having an advantage of 124 – 116. However, Green had the better of the next few ends, that were very close. enabling him to record an extremely good 150 – 130 victory.

The other semi-final was between Jim Macklan and Col Fletcher – again a match between two players with vastly different amounts of experience. Macklan has been one of the leading draw bowlers in the club for many years while Fletcher is another relative newcomer. The difference in experience and playing styles was obvious from the start with Macklan incredibly consistent. In fact he was able to either win or draw each of the first 14 ends! By this stage he had a handsome lead of 88 – 52.

Despite his best efforts, Fletcher could not manage the run of big scores he needed to narrow the gap. In the end Macklan moved into the final winning 155 to 115.

The final on Tuesday between Macklan and Green was a real challenge for Green Once again he was against a very experienced player who specialises in consistent draw bowls. The early ends went in Macklan’s favour and he opened up a 14 point margin after 7 ends. Green fought back strongly and within two ends he had narrowed the gap to 2 points at 46 – 44.

The game then had a number of very closely fought ends with Macklan having the better of play. In this period he was able to again extend his lead to 73 – 87. Then came two very crucial ends where he was able to score 9 – 1 on both to give him a match winning lead of 105 to 75. Now with his eye well and truly in Macklan powered to a convincing 150 – 100 victory.

This marks the first time Macklan has won a Singles Championship! Well done, especially given the health battles he has had in recent times! Accolades must also go to Green who was far from disgraced! His future is bright!