After the disruption caused to the 2020 Pennant season by the pandemic, bowlers are pleased to be back playing inter Club matches with the commencement of the 2021 pennant season. Tuross Head have two sides – one in Grade 4 and the other in Grade 6.

The season commenced on February 20 with the Grade 5 side travelling to Dalmeny to record a narrow victory. Grade 6 had a bye. The clash in Dalmeny was very tight with the critical ‘big board’ – the aggregate score – close throughout the game. A big finish by the Tuross team of Mick Challice, Peter Macdonald, Denise Lidbury and Joel Hilliard proved the difference. They scored 11 shots in their last 4 ends to go from down 10 – 14 to record a 20 – 14 win. This enabled the Tuross side to consolidate a very narrow 46 to 42 margin after 54 ends to a 60 to 51 victory after the total of 63 ends. John Monks’ team managed to hang on to win 24 – 17 while Carol Williams lost 16 to 20. Tuross scored 9 pennant points to 1 for Dalmeny.

In Round 2 – played on February 27 – the Grade 5 side had another win when they got the better of Moruya. Once again Joel Hilliard’s team lead the way with a very big win – 34 – 9.
John Monks had another close finish but held on to win 17 – 14. Carol William’s team had a great battle on their rink. They managed to score 2 shots on the final end to see the game end 17 all. Tuross won the tie 68 shots to 40 and picked up 9.5 pennant points to Moruya’s 0.5.

The Grade 6 side had a tough start to the season being well beaten by Narooma. The Narooma teams dominated the tie and had convincing wins on 2 of the 3 rinks. The Tuross team of Bruce Magilton, Ben Hewison, Marcel Kors and Irene Macdonald provided the one highlight of the day with a fighting win on their rink. After trailing early they fought back to dominate the middle section of the game. After 16 ends they led 24 – 13. Their Narooma opponents had their own revival and with an end to play Tuross had a slender 24 – 23 lead. The final end was tense. As the skips prepared to bowl Narooma held the advantage and were in the position to snatch a win. With her first bowl Macdonald was able to put the jack in the ditch. The tension grew as the umpire was needed to determine whether the jack was still in play or whether the end was ‘dead’ and had to be replayed. The jack was in by the smallest of margins and, despite the best efforts of the Narooma skip, Tuross won the end by 3 shots and the game 27 – 23!

Narooma won overall by 73 – 53 and picked up 9 pennant points while Tuross scored 1. Next week Grade 5 travels to Malua Bay and Grade 6 is also on the road to Tomakin.