New Golf Pro Shop Takes Shape

When Rob Green, a golf professional of considerable experience, approached the Club offering to operate out of Tuross, Andrew Gordon took up the cause.

Having decided that the Men’s Shed meeting room was the ideal place for a pro shop, he and Roger Chappell started negotiations with the Shed.  Many meetings and phone calls later an arrangement was reached.  The Men’s Shed would relinquish the meeting room in exchange for exclusive access to the remaining area under the roof.

To make this possible windows needed to be moved, new doors installed and a wall moved to make the old storeroom into a habitable meeting space. The  Men’s Golf paid for the materials and a group of volunteers from the golfers provided the labour and the expertise. Peter Nikolic, Dave Schmid and Nigel Barling coordinated the tasks and did much of the work.  They picked up a very acceptable glass sliding door form a local renovation job and relocated the existing windows.  Peter Johnson built the new stud wall making the meeting room about 400mm larger and Peter Hogan did the electrical work.  Warren Hodder helped out with painting and plastering.

Everyone who visits the new Pro Shop will be impressed by the first class amenity created for just over $1000.  Rob Green has fitted out the interior and is in the process of stocking the shop.

Rob plans to open the shop in the next couple of weeks.  As well as lessons, Rob aims to sell clothing, clubs, shoes and golfing supplies.  He is very happy that under the arrangement at Tuross he will have more time to spend with individuals fitting and selecting items to suit their needs.  He also will offer repairs for those who need them.

Rob can be contacted at: Phone 0423 097 642 or  email: [email protected]

PGA Pro Shop operator Rob Green with Andrew Gordon, Nigel Barling, David Schmid and Peter Nikolic.

Men’s golf president Andrew Gordon and Peter Nikolic.

David Schmid and Nigel Barling.

Article and photos: Courtesy Lance Shadbolt.

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17 August 2022 – 2 Person Stableford Multiplier


1st: Terry Lunn & Barry Hoban, 48.

2nd: Graham Moore & Des Jackson, 37.

3rd: Gail & Len Rogers, 34.

4th: Ross Richardson & Greg Bush, 33.


4th: Richard Kelly.

6th: Kevin Reilly.

7th: Dorothy Maden & Ian Manton.


Peter Coffey.




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10 August 2022 – Single Stableford


1st: Henry Anderson, 21.

2nd: Ross Davidson, 17.

3rd: Warren Hodder, 17.

4th: Lars Gaupset, 17.


4th: Tony Crook.

6th: Ian Manton.

7th: Gail Rogers & Lars Gaupset.


Chris Wratten.




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3 August 2022 – Single Stableford


1st: Kerrie Osborne (Visitor), 19.

2nd: Annette Manton, 19.

3rd: Jane Eglitis, 19.

4th: Rick Brake, 18.


4th: Kerrie Osborne.

6th: Rick Brake.

7th: Jeanette Miller & Steve Collins.


Shirley Quinlan.




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20 July 2022 – 4BBB Stableford


1st: Greg Thornton & Paul Pereira, 24.

2nd: Lars Gaupset & Ross Davidson, 22.

3rd: John Cox & Ross Richardson, 22.

4th: Shirley & Ted Quinlan, 20.


4th: Ian Miller.

6th: Paul Pereira.

7th: Leonie Snodgrass & Steve Swanbury.


Steve Collins.




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2022/23 Major Pairs Champions Decided

The 2022/23 Major Pairs Championship has also been decided with the 2021 Champions, Irene Macdonald and Denise Lidbury, successful in defending their title. They proved to be too strong for the other sides in the competition. The runners up were Di Newell and Rose Farrington who also combined well to win their way into the final.

The real positive of this event was the number of the newer members of the club who entered. Congratulations to all of the players who took part – especially given the challenging weather they had to deal with!

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Triples Championship Decided

The semi-finals and final of the 2022/23 Triples Championships were completed on Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10 in less than perfect conditions with cold, windy conditions challenging all players. However, it was the same for everyone and the matches were completed.

In one semi-final the experienced side of Peter Macdonald, Noel Downie and John Monks proved far too strong for Des Jackson, Col Fletcher and Marcel Kors. The first half of the game was quite close with Monks managing to hold a slender 13 – 10 advantage after 13 ends. This advantage gradually increased so that after 19 ends the lead was 21 – 13. A big haul of 5 shots on the next end virtually ended the contest with Monks well on the way to another final. His side followed this up with another 7 shots on the next three ends to cruise to a 33 – 13 victory.

The other semi-final was a much closer affair. Mick Challice, Alan McLeod and Bruce Lidbury started well in their clash with Doug Williams, Allan Etheredge and John Wagstaff and moved to a 9 – 1 lead before Wagstaff struck back to reduce the margin to 1 sot at 10 – 9. Lidbury quickly made up for this stutter and by the 18th end he led 21 – 14. Wagstaff fought back again and by the 22 end the score was 21 – 19. Lidbury picked up 3 shots on the next end to make Wagstaff’s task that much harder. Lidbury was able to hold on to win the game 26 – 21.

The players returned on Sunday to play what promised to be a close final. However, Challice and McLeod had other ideas. They were in great form and quickly set up a 10 – 1 lead after 5 ends. Despite picking up 4 shots on the 6th end, Monks was unable to make the game competitive. His team could not reproduce the form they had displayed in the semi-finals.

Lidbury moved to an advantage of 16 – 11 after 11 ends before winning the next 5 ends and picking up 11 shots. The lead of 27 – 11 proved too much for Monks and his side. Although they won 4 of the next 6 ends they could not pick up the big scores needed to give themselves a chance. Lidbury’s side proved to be worthy Champions with a strong 34 – 16 win.

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29 June 2022 – 2 Person Irish Teams Stableford


1st: Mike Birks & Allen Lee, 32.

2nd: Steve Collins & Frank Pomfret, 25.

3rd: Bruce Martin & Jennifer Gray, 24.

4th: Steve Gardner & Steve Swanbury, 24.


4th: Les Thompson.

6th: Steve Swanbury.

7th: Leonie Snodgrass and Steve Collins.


Robert McKirdy.




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Joel Hilliard Wins Another Championship

Joel Hilliard has continued his domination of the Tuross Head Men’s Bowling Club Championships when he teamed with Col Fletcher to win the 2022/23 Major Pairs Championship. He spearheaded their victory over Stuart Graham and Doug Williams in the final that was played in absolutely perfect conditions on Saturday.

Graham and Williams started well picking up 2 shots on the first end and were dominating the second end on the back of great lead bowls from Graham. Hilliard then showed his intent, and that he was in good form, when he played a controlled drive to ‘kill’ the end. From this point he controlled the game. When Graham had the better of the early bowls in an end, Hilliard was able to neutralise any advantage with great draw bowls.

As Hilliard took control, Fletcher played his part as he started to draw with confidence to support his skip. After 11 ends they had opened a 14 – 4 lead. This lead could have been greater if it wasn’t for some excellent bowls from Williams who was able to cut back the ‘damage’. This was shown on the scoreboard with half of the total ends resulting in just a single shot to the winners of the end.

While Fletcher and Hilliard dominated play the highest tally they scored on any end was 3 shots. In fact it was Graham and Williams who managed to pick up the biggest score of the game when they scored 4 shots on the 18th end to create a glimmer of hope for their chances. It was not to be with Fletcher and Hilliard scoring a comfortable win by 24 to 9.

Despite their efforts Graham and Williams were outplayed on the day. Fletcher and Hilliard were both in great touch. The improvement in Fletcher’s draw bowls is quite noticeable and a testament to the effort he puts into practise. Hilliard was in top form using all of the shots in his arsenal to great effect. Well done to all four players on reaching the final and for the spirit in which they competed. Special congratulations to the winners especially to Hilliard who has now won this title for the fifth year in a row!!

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15 June 2022 – Par


1st: Paul Green, +2.

2nd: Kevin Reilly, 0.

3rd: Sandra Hanlon, 0.

4th: Herb Muriwai, 0.


4th: Frank Pomfret.

6th: Kevin Reilly.

7th: Leonie Snodgrass and Ian Manton.


Herb Muriwai.




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8 June 2022 – Single Stableford


1st: Jane Eglitis, 21.

2nd: Bruce Ware, 18.

3rd: Greg Bush, 18.

4th: Ian Wratten, 16.


4th: Paul Pereira.

6th: Bruce Martin.

7th: Chris Wratten and Derek Hoare.


Greg Smith.




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