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May Goblet results

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The May Goblet Competition
The Goblet species was Snapper but the weather was against us with rain, winds and heavy seas. The measure in was held at the Club Tuross in quite pleasant conditions.
The Results
The Goblet was not awarded
Mens Outside was not awarded
Ladies Outside was not awarded
Ladies Rock and beach was not awarded
Mens Lake and Estuary
Bruce Kennedy with Bream 35.5 cm and 100pts
Ladies Lake and Estuary
Rachel Westbury with a Bream at 35.1 cm and 90 pts
Mens Rock and Beach
Scott Westbury with a Salmon 46 cm and 70pts.
This was Christopher Westbury with a Bream at 34 cm and 90pts
Mystery Fish
By random generator the mystery fish was #15 which equated to a Salmon closest to 39 cm. This awarded to Scott Westbury for his 37.5 cm Salmon.
Measure-in also coincided with Mothers Day and it was decided that the luncheon would be nice Tiger Prawns with various accompaniments. All the mothers were also honoured with glasses of Champagne.
It was a very pleasant Measure-In
The June Goblet will be help over June 11, 12 and 13 and the Goblet Species is Bream.
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Stephen Swanbury wins stableford competition

By |2021-05-03T20:06:37+10:00May 3rd, 2021|Categories: Men's Golf, Mixed Golf, Uncategorized|

Tuross Head Country Club men golfers Saturday stableford competition was won by Stephen Swanbury with a score of 40 points. Michael Allen was a close second with 39 stableford points followed by Mark Haberkorn with 38 points. Steve Johnston with 37 points and Peter Garn who finished on 36 points were the remaining awardwinners.

Nearest the pins were won by A grade players Steve Collins, Ian McManus and Ian Lawson. Stephen Swanbury was closest on both the 4th and 6th hole and Peter Garn won the 7th in B division. Bruce Brawn, Mike Allen and Paul Coffey were the winners in C grade. Daryl Smith who was the best on the 7th.

Tuross golfers are preparing for the club championships which will be played over 54 holes commencing on Saturday May 8th and will be completed on the weekend of Saturday May 15th and Sunday May 16th.

Thursday’s medley stableford was won by David Schmid with 39 points, ahead of Ian McManus on 38 points, Ian Manton 37.  Rob Green and Samantha Dryden both scored 36 points. Nearest the pins were won by Ray Bollard who was closest on both the 4th and 6th hole. Daryl Smith won the 7th.

Photo: Event sponsor Bruce Lidbury presents award to stableford winner Stephen Swanbury.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown





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ANZAC Day 2021

By |2021-04-25T14:54:21+10:00April 25th, 2021|Categories: Fishing Club|

Members of our Fishing Club at the ANZAC Day ceremony.

Mike Byron, Paul Skilton and David Greenhalgh in the lead.

Mike Byron, Russell Martin, Paul Skilton and David Greenhalgh


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Steven O’Shea best in stableford field

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Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf Saturday April 24 golf competition resulted in a win for well known  golfer Steven O’Shea, who won on a countback from Stephen Gardner and Malcolm Gilbertson, with an excellent score of 39 stableford points. Ray Bollard, with 37 points, and David Williams 35 points, were the remaining award winners.

Nearest the pins were won by Jason Nikolic, Ray Bollard and Colin Houghton in A grade. Jim Wade and John Eglitis, who was closest on two of the par 3 holes, were the best in B grade and Bruce Brawn and Mark Forrest were C division winners.

Thursday’s medley stableford competition was won by Brian Gunn with a score of 38 points ahead of Ron Rogers 36, Darrell Kildey, Nigel Barling and Richard Wharton who all finished with 35 stableford points.

Nearest the pins were won by Steve Gardner, Paul Medwin and Michael Coloe.

Photo: Tuross event sponsor Graeme Sindel with  stableford winner Steven O’Shea.

Photo. Courtesy Tony Brown.


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NRMA Highway to Heaven

By |2021-05-04T09:42:58+10:00April 24th, 2021|Categories: Golf Archives, Golf News, Uncategorized|

TUROSS HEAD. Along the beach, washed-up driftwood records the tidemarks in scraggly arcs. Some is regulation sun-bleached grey, but much is blackened – a remnant of the catastrophic bushfires that hit the NSW south coast in early 2020. The sea might have no memory, but the shoreline remembersall. The scene is hopeful though, in an odd way. While nature discards its charred memories on the cove’s crusted sands, locals have made little huts out of the unburnt driftwood, as if to signify a rebuilding process. The sun also brings a sense of warmth and renewal.

On the first morning of our trip we happen upon an echidna foraging in the flower beds behind our cabin. The kids watch on with delight as it digs up an ants’ nest and shoves its entire face in the hole, its long sticky tongue extracting subterranean sustenance. “We’ll have to come back here one day” is up there with “I’m going to finish restoring this old car” for statements liable to raise doubt, but my wife and I beat the odds. We’ve returned to Tuross Head after an eight-year interval. Situated about 40 minutes south of  Batemans Bay, it huddles amongst some of the best natural wonders the NSW south coast has to offer.

Our previous visit was a brief stop as we recreated the road trip described in John O’Grady’s classic Aussie novel Gone Fishin’ (1962). This time we plan to experience the town properly. Standing on the shores of Coila Lake, I once again admire its breeze-rippled waters deepening from tea-coloured shallows to indigo depths. A squadron of pelicans off to the left discusses the day’s catch. In the foreground, ancient volcanic rocks protrude from the earth, while front and centre rests a large piece of weathered driftwood. Mountain ranges in the distance cut a jagged purple horizon across the cloudless sky.

No matter where you venture around Tuross Head, there seems to be similar visual richness. It’s a landscape painter’s paradise. If you only have an hour or two to spare, start at Coila Bar Beach and follow Tuross Boulevarde on its course around the head. It passes several points of interest, including a war memorial, the aptly named One Tree Point (which also offers fine views across the southern end of town) and a whale burial site. The unfortunate mammal washed up in 1980 and, rather than blow it up, the local council buried it in nearby McWilliam Park where it now forms a grassy mound beside the water. The site can be somewhat tricky to spot while driving but you’ll find it opposite 25 Tuross Boulevarde. 22221


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Stay, Eat & Play Around Tuross

By |2021-04-29T17:16:01+10:00April 22nd, 2021|Categories: Golf Archives, Golf News|


Stay and Play includes Google video of Tuross Head town map, satellite video of lakes and river, list of  accommodation,  eating venues, THCC golf club and course, walk and bike tracks, a very large high quality photo slide display of surfing, fishing, golf, kayaking, sailing.

Virtually every activity of our town and district is included.

Even every town public toilet can be located with the click of a button.


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Tuross Head Men’s Shed: Take a Bow

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Tuross Head Men’s shed have constructed new sand  boxes with recycling receptacles for every tee on the course. Mike Birks designed, Men’s Shed created.

This new feature has along with the new cart paths given the whole course another major lift. Such a bold golf course innovation has created interest from some notable golfing  institutions, in particular Huntingdale in Victoria and of  all places a course in Augusta America that wanted Men’s Shed to manufacture 48   boxes as they have a tournament in April and their present sand  boxes look a bit shabby in comparison.

Anticipating demand Mike Birks has 3 patents pending so anyone wanting to copy will have to pay big time.     Huntingdale are still interested but the club in Augusta Georgia want a   pensioner discount as it states that almost all their members are old blokes and that after they had donated to the Trump campaign they are all a bit short of the readies.

So Men’s Shed Tuross “Take a Bow”. A great job well done.

Tuross Golf are claiming another local golfing hero to stand along side our Brendon Jones and Brad Doolan, Lachlan Nordsvan from Canberra is also a Tuross member.

He has been playing our course every school holiday ever since he was not even knee high to a grass hopper. He was so small that one time when the mower broke down it took father Michael five minuets to find him in the rough.       A valuable lesson as Lachie has never hit a ball into the rough since. With a handicap quickly heading towards zero many members are wanting to play with the Nordsvans. In years to come they want to be able to say that “Yes I used to play with the great Lauchie Nordsvan” and I actually taught him a lot of what he knows today.

Sounds familiar Brendon?

Oh by the way Lauchie is 14 years 9 months of age.

This feature is contributed by Miss Information a roving club  reporter. Miss Information is a new contributor to our media group. Please make her/him welcome. 25121

Lachlan Nordsvan with Tuross Club captain Peter Nikolic.

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Tuross Head Country Club INSIDEGOLF Promotion

By |2021-05-08T16:52:09+10:00April 18th, 2021|Categories: Golf News, Uncategorized|

Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf has initiated a promotion in the February 2020 issue of Australia’s most read national magazine Inside Golf.

This publication is distributed through all golf clubs and it is also accessible through their website.

Tuross Head is highlighted with an editorial coverage of our golf course and a guided tour of our attractions.

Visitors are challenged to take the turnoff on the Princes highway and come and visit us.

You can view by clicking on:

Tuross Head NSW South Coast


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