Belated results for the August Goblet. Sorry peoples but its been a confused and busy time for us.

So here goes

The target species was Morwong and Gavin Robinson managed to catch one offshore. Many fished but only four fishers caught caught competitive fish. In all, fourteen fish were present for the measure in.

Goblet Morwong Gavin Robinson 47.5 cm 80 points

Outside Mathew Roberts SGT Baker 54.0 cm 115 points
Lake and Estuary John Suthern Tailor 45.2 80.67 points
Rock and Estuary N/A

Outside N/A
Lake and Estuary N/A
Rock and Beach N/A

Mystery Fish Salmon 80cm but none was caught.

The Turkey award went to Gavin Robinson for cutting Rachel’s leader thinking is was mono line

The weekend was cold and windy and the fishing was not only uncomfortable but also hard going